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Most of what I have written so far, on this blog, has been for my own use. I have found that my ideas don’t come to me fully formed. As I encounter new ideas, I need to refine them before I am able to take a position. One way I can do this is by thinking out loud. At work, I have sometimes been able to discuss my ideas with my father, as I try to work out my position. I am also fortunate that my wife takes an interest in my work, and she will often discuss, and sometimes debate, my ideas with me. In this way, I am able to explore the positive and negative aspects and try to divide truth from myths and preconceptions.

An example that has come up in conversation quite a few times is the use of ETFs. Much of the media seems to favour the use of ETFs as an investment vehicle. Because of the frequency of articles and opinions promoting ETFs, I assumed there must be some benefit. The question remained in my mind whether or not it makes sense for all (or most) people to invest in ETFs instead of mutual funds or individual stocks. I talked with my father and I talked and debated with my wife. I even wrote a blog post. At present, I have a firm position with well developed reasons. I don’t believe ETFs are an ideal choice of investment vehicle. This is only an example.

My ideas could probably be useful to a more general audience, but until recently I have made little effort. When I started reading Canadian Dream, I felt that I had much in common with Tim, the author. I asked if I could provide a couple guest posts on TFSAs, which he kindly published in January 2010. More recently, Tim decided not to write on Mondays, in order to have more time for other interests. When he asked me if I would consider writing a guest post each Monday, I happily agreed. I think Canadian Dream offers valuable insights into the choices made by real people who plan to retire early and who seek happiness (and not just money) in their lives.

I will continue to write here, but I encourage anyone who hasn’t yet, to visit Canadian Dream. Each Monday you can continue to read my writing. There is also a good opportunity to participate in the conversation by posting in the comments. I read them and try to respond, especially to questions. See you there!


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