Financial Thinking

Today, I’m announcing the relaunch of this site. Wealth Stations, the old site, was an idea to write a book. I gathered many ideas and I practiced writing. A book hasn’t (yet) come from the effort, but I find that my focus has changed. And that means that my writing will change.

My new focus will be “thinking out loud.” Investing and financial planning are both more art than science. Because that’s the case, they require creativity and reflection. I personally need to think out loud in order to gather my ideas, synthesize, and produce useful advice. I can do that through writing, which has two benefits: others can read and respond (if they choose), and I have a record of my reasoning and conclusions.

So I’m relaunching this blog (over the next few days) with a new name and a new look. Financial Thinking will be mainly for my own consumption, however comments and questions will be entertained. I have also decided to write more frequently and address more areas. Here is my planned schedule.

Monday: A brief overview of the financial environment and stock market outlook. This will be a snapshot in time, meant to assess the current environment. It is not a prediction.

Wednesday: Any subject about finances and investing, including financial planning.

Friday: An investment idea. This does not constitute investment advice. It will contain limited information about a publicly-traded company. It may prompt the reader to find out more.

I may miss some Friday posts, if I simply don’t have enough information to offer a new idea. Or, I may provide an update on a past idea. This is a way for me to think out loud about investments I am considering and investments I have made. I feel no obligation to divulge my own investment portfolio or any professional recommendations I may make. If you are worried about bias, assume that I may have a position in any stock I mention. Most importantly, do your own research.

I think about a lot of things other than just finance and money. One area that interests me greatly is education. I don’t have enough experience or knowledge about education to write about it, but I may occasionally write about education-related ideas. Eventually, I’d like to put together a finance club for teen-aged students. I don’t yet have any idea what this would look like, but I may think out lout about this opportunity, so that when I’m ready to set up the club, I’ll have a viable plan.

Any comments or ideas are welcome at this point. What, of the above ideas, seems valuable to you? What do you suspect goes on inside a financial planner or stock broker’s office that you would like to hear about? How much information is too much?