Investment Ideas

On Fridays, I plan to write about investment ideas. Please recall that I am doing this for my own use. Writing my ideas out helps me to organise them and come to a more rational conclusion. It also helps me refer back to my thought process, if I question my decisions later.

Posting my thoughts here requires little additional effort. It also helps me to more regularly research opportunities. The ideas I am interested in relate to my investment strategy. They equate only to first impressions. If my impression is favourable, I will do more research before taking action. I don’t provide that research here.

Realise that I write about these ideas as I look into them. However, I don’t publish them immediately, so material facts could change in the meantime. Finally, please be familiar with the disclaimer.

If these ideas are interesting, feel free to provide feedback or input in the comments. If they don’t appeal to you, it’s okay to ignore these entries.