Priorities Are Key

It’s easy to look around me and think, “If only…” I see this especially in people who buy lottery tickets. I’ve heard that lottery tickets are a licence to dream. A person allows themselves to answer the question, “If I had all the money I could imagine, what would I do with it?” But I’ve found that the amount of money isn’t always the key factor.

I lived in Switzerland for a summer. My host had a friend over for dinner one evening. We talked about traveling and he shared that San Francisco was one of his favourite places. It turned out that he flew on the Concorde (before it was grounded) in order to be able to spend more time in that city. I asked, “If you don’t mind me asking, how do you afford to fly regularly on the Concorde?” His reply made a lot of sense. He said it’s a matter of priority. That’s what’s important to him, so that’s what he spends his money on.

I want to take my family to live overseas. Because that’s important to me, it’s not a question of “can we do this?”, but “how do we make this work?” It’s less a question of having enough and more an issue of arranging our affairs in such a way as to achieve what’s important to us. In our case, the biggest expense would be enrolling our children in a private international school. But if we become teachers, our children’s tuition fees will be waived. Because it’s important to us to live overseas, we’ll become teachers to make it work.

What’s important to you? If you don’t know what’s important to you, look at where you spend your money. Does it feel congruent?