Investment Newsletter

I’m not working any longer as a financial advisor. I will return to school to become a teacher in September 2012. In the meantime, I enjoy researching investments and I will be managing my own investments. I know many people would rather not pay the cost of a full-service brokerage just to get access to stock market investments. At the same time, they’d rather not be left entirely on their own to make all their investment decisions.

It makes sense to me, then, that a reasonably-priced investment newsletter would be a great help to many investors. It seems to me that the usefulness of an investment newsletter would depend on the ease of implementation and the accessibility of the writer. Here’s where I’m asking for feedback.

How much would you pay for a newsletter that gave you actionable investment ideas?

How much detail would you want to see to back up investment ideas?

How often should buy and sell ideas arrive?

Should a determination of overall market levels (stocks are cheap or stocks are expensive and may crash) be a part of such a newsletter?

Please share your ideas in the comments or privately via the Contact page.