No Ads

The below was my opinion, until I realised that WordPress includes Google ads. I am disappointed, but I realise that it offsets the cost of this free host. Maybe soon I’ll find a more permanent home for this blog.

There are no ads on this site.

Unlike many websites, including most financial websites, I have not included ads as a way to generate revenue. There were many reasons behind this decision.

First, I have a real job. Some young people would argue that the ultimate goal is to quit your day job and produce all your income from the Internet (usually through ads). That’s not my goal; rather, I would love for all people to have access to high-quality, motivating financial advice that moves them toward their goals. I don’t necessarily need to make money from it, since I get such a strong sense of satisfaction.

Further, there is a possibility that making money from the sale of product can introduce bias to the advice. The advice that I give is focused on actions to be taken, not product to be purchased. Product-focused ads may confuse that point.

If you are truly interested in purchasing product, there is plenty of information available. A simple Google search should answer any questions you have. If you are not satisfied, you can send me a message.

The Internet crosses borders, so that visitors to this site may reside in Australia, Canada, the US, the UK or elsewhere. Products, however, may have unique features or different costs and benefits in different countries. It is usually not possible for organisations to provide product across borders.

Finally, some of the ads that Google displays are scary and could be dangerous. I don’t want possibly fraudulant claims littering the pages of this site. If someone promises to tell you how they gained 50% in just six weeks (for a fee), I’ll give away their secret: dumb luck.

If you get value from what you read here, please tell anyone who you think might also find it valuable.